Campus Solutions

Campus to Corporate: Achieving your highest potential

This program is designed for College and B-School Graduates. We work with students to develop their careers by enhancing their focus through self-awareness, assessing their skills and interests, and helping them articulate it confidently in resumes, cover letters, interviews, social media handles, etc. We provide tools and techniques that can fast-track an individual’s career and you can count on us to support your students complete their B-School journey with finesse.

Our team consists of Industry Leaders and Experts with C-level experience, having worked with the top global B-Schools and Fortune 100 Companies, our corporate experience grounds us in the realities of the business world and our academic rigor gives you access to the latest thinking. We will give you the tools and the space to embark on a breakthrough learning journey.

Resume and Cover Letters

We support students to design strong and professional resumes to help them land their dream job interviews. We share advice on how to customize resumes for different job requirements. We provide tips on how to get past the screening software, and how to write personalized cover letters and thank you notes. We also provide awareness on Recruitment Process, Applicant Tracking Systems, building the LinkedIn profile, personal brand and finally telling the story authentically through one’s resume.

Group Discussions

We help students understand the evaluation criteria of a GD, with focus on Individual Qualities and Team/Group Skills. Right from Content to Analytical, Reasoning, Organization, Listening and Communication Skills to Creativity, Leadership, Body Language and being Assertive. We conduct simulated GDs to help students understand the purpose, importance, types, and do’s and don’ts of a Group Discussion.

Mock Personal Interviews

We help students with techniques to manage stress during the most important part of their selection process, the PI. Students learn how to be themselves and communicate their stories and strengths in an authentic way. We run mock Interviews with domain specific industry experts who provide students with the much-needed experience on how to deal with different scenarios and situations. We provide real-time feedback and tips/techniques to ace interviews. The mock interviews are highly customized to student needs, for example, how to justify a gap on your resume or job-hopping, or how to negotiate salaries and benefits.

Communication Strategies

VUCA and COVID-19 have drastically changed the ways we live, work and how we communicate. In today’s Virtual & Global Workplace, the old “rules” no longer apply, and students are expected to communicate effectively not just in-person, but also while working remotely and across borders. We help students build Cultural Agility and the much-needed virtual work-muscle.

Design Thinking

In today’s world, innovation, creativity, and collaboration are a must. Put in other words, out of the box thinking, or Design Thinking have become an Essential Tool in today’s global workplace. We help students understand the concept of Design Thinking, and facilitate sessions on idea generation, principles of design, prototyping, developing framework to foster creativity, innovating across organizational boundaries, and collaborating creatively.

Personal Branding

We can’t emphasize enough on starting to build your brand in your early years. We help students with concepts such as Executive Presence, Relationship Capital, Being Yourself, Being Resilient & Consistent, Creating a Positive Impact, Building your Commercial Astuteness, Leveraging Social Media and Events/Conferences, crafting your perfect Elevator Pitch, Influencing & Negotiation Skills and the art of Story Telling.