This article was first published by Theresa Sigillito Hollema in Rise Beyond Consulting. Sometimes looking from a different angle makes the difference. For years I have pondered the key ingredients to make an offshoring structure in a company a success.  By offshoring I mean the centralization of a function in one location (ie., Shared Service

This article was first published in the Human Capital print magazine. Here is my take and some tips to enhance one’s Executive Presence. What works best for you under high-pressure situations, specially when you want to establish your credibility and positively influence others?  

This article was first published in the Human Capital print magazine. How is your organization leveraging these groups? How can employers encourage engagement in today’s job market? Do ERGs help improve engagement, productivity, org culture, innovation? Are ERGs helpful for business?–diversity-through-ergs    

It was such an honour to be on my dream stage in just 5 years of graduation from the MHRM program (May 2013) at Rutgers SMLR. I did the Opening Keynote on Talent Value Management at the coveted SHRM 14th Annual Business Conference at Rutgers, New Jersey on March 22, 2018. The conference was almost

Recently NeoSeven organized a Senior Leadership Round-table for the soft launch of The Human Insights Corporation (THIC) in Mumbai, India. The event was primarily for the CEOs, MDs and HR Heads of MNCs. I had been into organizing and hosting shows during my school and college days but had never done something like this at