Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

What is Diversity?

We believe innovation & creativity is inspired by people with diverse perspectives and backgrounds making unexpected connections that break new ground.

Diversity in this context is multi-dimensional referring to who we are (such as gender, ethnicity, culture, age or sexuality); what we do (such as education, industry, function or department); and how we do it (such as thinking or interaction styles).

This diversity is the most powerful when organizations can activate it through inclusive behavior and organizational structures that break down existing silos. This is at the heart of what we do.

What is Inclusion?

While Diversity is a fact, Inclusion is a choice. Inclusion means removing all excluding barriers and promoting mindsets, behavior, processes and practices that embrace differences. By leveraging diverse perspectives, skills and backgrounds, it is possible to realize the full potential of each individual, team, and organization.

Innovation is less about expertise/specialization and more about connecting what you already know or have, with diverse concepts and insights from other industries, fields, and cultures. The faster and more easily you can find and leverage these intersections, the better off you are. And the best place to access this diversity is through people.

Diversity Drives Innovation is a model that connects diversity to the business, providing a concrete set of strategies for how to find, foster and activate the differences in the room or on a team.

Inclusion enables Innovation is a model that leverages techniques from the science of behavioral economics, applying insights from psychology, neuroscience, and microeconomic theory to make a crucial difference.

Our mission is to promote more sustainable organization success worldwide through high engagement, inclusive leadership, equality, social responsibility, and innovative collaboration.

Unconscious Bias

400 years ago, we began to explore the universe with simple tools, and it challenged our beliefs about our place in the universe. Are investigations of the universe inside our minds any different? You perform well at work one day, but not the next. One person sees you as “warm”, another as “cold”. Maybe it’s you – but there’s another possibility: that a belief in one person’s mind can shape another person’s behavior. We work with clients to go beyond Unconscious Bias Awareness and help them with practical applications to drive inclusive behaviors. Our techniques help the brain change behavior by targeting motivation, emotions, behavioral drivers, decision-making, and unconscious perceptions. We have seen how this strengthens leadership, collaboration, and performance because of more inclusiveness.

Develop Vision and Strategy

Change is the only constant, whatever industry you are in, whatever expertise you have mastered, whatever competitive advantage you have, whatever rules you have come to understand, you can’t ignore the fact that all of them are changing rapidly. We work with C-level executives to meet these changes head on and strengthen their leadership and organization in creating a legacy that goes beyond shareholder or stakeholder value.

Change Mindset and Culture

You may hold many patents, may have released many new products, or may have entered frontier markets, you can’t deny that growth is driven by people. Any effort to build innovation capacity requires a thorough examination of your culture, practices, structures, and models. These may have brought you to this point but may not be enough for the next stage. We work with clients to implement leadership models, shift behaviors, and create sustainable structures that foster a culture where individuals are empowered to take ownership in their organization’s innovation future.

Create Breakthrough Innovation

Breakthrough innovation is unpredictable, though the rules have changed, many still operate with the same formulas for success. In every industry, the stakes are higher than ever – shortened product life cycles, lower barriers to entry, competition from unexpected places and the list goes on…. We take organizations and teams to where these changes are occurring—at the intersections of fields, industries, cultures, and disciplines—and enable them to find and leverage these intersections rapidly and easily to drive innovation continuously.

Inspire Action

The best ideas or most significant initiatives mean nothing unless people feel compelled to act, to move, to take that first step and to continue the journey. We have a tradition of catalyzing organizations through powerful keynotes and practical interventions – our dynamic team of senior leaders have a track record of transformational changes in Fortune 500 organizations. We leverage our network of esteemed speakers to give powerful talks and activate hundreds or thousands of your people through incredibly powerful, collaborative experiences and events.