Other Offerings

Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

We focus on Executive Coaching & Leadership Development and give you the tools and the space to embark on a breakthrough learning journey.

Our approach is based around you and your specific needs. Our corporate experience grounds us in the realities of the business world and our academic rigor gives you access to the latest thinking. These are simple enablers as we turn our attention to you and the opportunity to create the space for you to achieve true breakthroughs in both behaviors and performance, it is a Partnership!

We design and deliver bespoke programs that encompass elements of coaching, facilitation, consulting and training. We use a combination of approaches, including personality assessments, cognitive awareness development and solution-based strategies. Our Global Executive Coaches provide accredited assessment capabilities with tools such as Management Drives, Hogan, DISC, CTR, MBTI, etc. We support an individual or a team’s journey and create an environment that fosters self-awareness, reflection and a call to action.

Transformational Coaching – We seek to expand the possibilities of the coaching relationship beyond the narrow confines of a performance-focused tool to a genuinely humanistic approach to enquiry and change. We believe this offers a deeper, richer coaching experience for our clients. For us Coaching essentially means – it is psychological, humanistic, integrative and holistic.

Commercial Astuteness

Being knowledgeable and mentally alert to the way that a business operates to identify opportunities to advance the business agenda through impactful HR interventions

It is a 2-day workshop, the duration and content could be customized based on the specific target audience, requirements and depth of practical application.

We facilitate learning through group dialogue, practical work, self-discovery and on-the-job application. Constant evaluation for the learner will occur through pre-and post-program quizzes, case studies, mini case studies and engagement.

Talent Value Management

TVM is a robust, practical philosophy and process that assists organizations in linking their Talent Agenda to key organizational outcomes – revenue, margins, cost reduction and market share.

High Impact Teams

It is a 1-2 days workshop including leader assimilation and the model focuses on key organizational outcomes that need to be achieved by the team and the impact the team needs to have.

Assessment Solutions

We provide most innovative and affordable talent assessment and management solutions that are precise and bespoke to our client’s needs, behaviors and brands.

  • Ready to use tests – Psychometric, Behavioral, Technical and Aptitude
  • Customized Test Development – From world’s top authors you own the copyright
  • Bespoke Assessment Exercises – Business Simulations, in-box exercises
  • Tailor made Assessment Platform – Mirror your company’s workflow and brand
  • Org Development Services – Develop Teams and their productivity
  • Psychometric Services – Test validity, standard setting, item analysis

Product Architecture – 3 layers of complete solution

  • Ready to Go Tests – Large library of Industry and job-role specific tests developed by world’s best test authors that gives you incredible accurate reports
  • Assessment Management System – Intuitive, customized to your brand, you can give role-based access to multiple users. Reduces time and cost of hire. Manage campus hiring
  • Decision Support System – Predictive Analytics backed by Big data and Artificial Intelligence gives you enhanced insight so that you can make right recruiting, training or talent management strategy


Web based, accessible 24X7 from anywhere, loaded with ERP features that allows you to give role-based access to all your stakeholders. It has responsive layout that instinctively adapts to all devices, desktop, tab and mobile.