As I think about the recent case and situation involving Starbucks (Click Here), the company is trying to determine if the actions of the manager in question were not only discriminatory but also if the manager knew the decision was made based on race without even realizing it. The manager asked African American customers who

Recently NeoSeven organized a Senior Leadership Round-table for the soft launch of The Human Insights Corporation (THIC) in Mumbai, India. The event was primarily for the CEOs, MDs and HR Heads of MNCs. I had been into organizing and hosting shows during my school and college days but had never done something like this at

So many buzzword articles are published around gender issues but the real talk is lost in jargon. We see a lot being said about gender equality and representation of the fairer sex in the corporate world, but there is so much untold. Two such topics that need more articulation are the achievements and challenges revolving