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    The How-Tos of DEI: A Journey Guide

    As global DEI practitioners with a track record of helping Fortune 500s and emerging companies across industries and maturity levels drive actionable results, we are at the forefront of the latest ideas and practices on the diversity, equity, and inclusion front.

    In our 6-week online certification course, we will share global best practices, case studies, and practical advice that will enhance your understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion; elevate your organization’s DEI strategy beyond gender diversity and unconscious bias awareness; help you learn about the quick wins that move the needle on DEI; and equip you to bring much-needed interventions in policymaking, recruitment, and governance and accountability to create a truly inclusive, equitable and diverse workplace.

    From strategy to implementation and from globalization to localization, these sessions will cover various aspects of a successful DEI strategy.

    Key Takeaways

    • Increase your knowledge of leading diversity trends and inclusive practices
    • Enhance your ability to educate others in the organization on the core concepts of DEI
    • Improve your ability to evaluate, analyze, and contribute to your organization’s current diversity and inclusion program
    • Be equipped to create an action plan to further drive performance through DEI initiatives within your organization and community
    • Discover how to build an inclusion strategy for your local offices across the globe
    • Shape, take ownership of and be a role model for an organization and community-wide diversity strategy through mentoring and board service
    • Conduct a quick DEI Strategy Assessment to assess the effectiveness of the strategy for all employees 
    • Measure, manage and improve a DEI program    

    Who Should Get Certified 

    • HR/DEI professionals 
    • Business leaders 
    • Advocates, allies, and champions 
    • Aspiring DEI practitioners
    • DEI enthusiasts 

    Certification Details

    • Week 1 to 4: Four interactive sessions, two hours each, spread over four weeks
    • Week 5: A summary session of 1.5 hrs
    • Week 6: A quiz/online test to assess your knowledge and skills

    Earn a certificate of completion upon finishing the course!

    The certification is available in both group (cohort-based) and individual (one-on-one) formats.