HR Consulting

Human Resource Strategy

Employees are a potential source of competitive advantage and their talents must be nurtured. Each company is different and must manage employees in a way that is most appropriate, given its unique situation. The internal organizational demands and the external environment determine the context for setting HR practices. We use our frameworks to better equip you with the necessary skills/tools/processes/models to strategically and effectively manage employees while minimizing the costs of mismanaging them.

Our frameworks list the relationship among three sets of HR Challenges – Environmental Influences, Organizational Demands and Regulatory Issues in an organization’s internal and external environment, three primary HR activities – Work Design & Workforce Planning, Managing Employee Attitudes & Behaviors and Managing Employee Competencies, and the path to competitive advantage.

Alignment is key here, both internal and external alignment. The specific practices used within each HR activity are consistent with one another as well as aligned across the primary HR activities and with the HR challenges the company faces.

We help you link business issues to HR solutions and build your organization capabilities. We are capable to support you with organization design, process optimization, policies, competency framework, performance management, assessments, coaching, capability development, organization culture and change management.

  • We can help transform your HR Team to become an essential business function leading the way in delivering bottom line results
  • Make your HR practice work for your business through HR effectiveness
  • Build a stronger HR team through HR talent assessment and development
  • Transition to a more efficient system with HR sourcing and technology
  • Driving efficient standard HR processes globally
  • Effective execution of people strategies and increasing business value by improving your HR operating model, HR organization design, cost structures, HR processes, HR technologies and HR governance models

Organization Design

Effective design and implementation of organization structure can provide your company an edge over your competitors. By aligning your organization structure with your business strategy, you can unleash the productivity and creativity of your talent which translates into significant business impact.

Organization design is a challenging exercise and the implementation process is full of risks and pitfalls. For a successful organization journey, we can partner with you through both the design and implementation phases.

To develop a Design for high performance, we will

  • Translate business strategy into organizational design requirements
  • Identify major gaps by diagnosing the current state
  • Bring market practices, benchmark data, and other external references to inform the design
  • Develop and evaluate various future organization options
  • Facilitate key stakeholder discussions to drive consensus

For successful Implementation, we will

  • Develop an implementation roadmap with stages that are appropriate for the specific organizational context
  • Identify the changes and actions that need to happen relating to people, processes, and technology
  • Track and measure the outcome of the organizational change, and propose adjustments accordingly

Culture and Change

We have distinctive knowledge, tools and expertise to help organizations design and implement major change programs related to business results that are dependent on people driving value by shifting their day-to-day behaviors and mindsets.

Our global expertise and rigorous approach help you shape successful transformation programs and build cultures of continuous improvement.

We help our clients to:

  • Strengthen organizational capabilities – Manage performance, align, execute, and renew itself faster than competition
  • Shape and deliver transformational change – Support leaders to shape a change vision and set targets that are linked with business outcomes, assess org’s ability to meet those targets, deliver improvement initiatives that strengthen performance, build capabilities, and change organizational mind-sets and behaviors
  • Shift behavior to shape organizational culture – To create transformational change, we work with you to design and implement interventions to build skills, shift mind-sets, develop leaders and manage talent to ensure a successful and sustainable change in behaviors
  • Support Leaders become models for change – We help build commitment and alignment within the senior leadership team and help leaders make the transformation personal, role model the change, engage others and spotlight successes

Talent Management

Organizations place a higher demand on their key talent to drive a higher value but are stuck in Talent administrative activities and miss out on enabling this key talent. We help you link your Talent agenda to key organizational outcomes and organizational culture.

We use our diagnostics and frameworks to identify existing gaps in demand and supply of talent and help you make more informed hiring decisions whether to build or buy the talent. Our models also help you develop the internal talent, refine your performance management practices and improve retention. It is not only about proactive talent pipelining efforts or succession planning, but we also help you increase your cross-functional competence. All this drives your talent pipeline, organizational efficiency, effectiveness, communication, diversity, employee satisfaction and retention.

Global Leadership

A global leader is anyone who works across geographic and cultural boundaries. Global leaders can be found at the most senior levels or at the front line of your organization. Today early career professionals are working regionally and globally, interacting with an increasingly diverse range of colleagues and customers. This means that a wider cadre of leaders must develop the unique skillset necessary for global leadership success.

NeoSeven partners with organizations using a strategic and integrated approach to build global leadership capability. Our interventions can help you to:

  • Develop a talent strategy that is linked to business objectives and future-proofed to flex to meet long term needs
  • Define leadership requirements, leadership strategy and tactics, success profiles and critical roles
  • Evaluate leadership bench strength through individual assessments and risk/gap analysis of the leadership pipeline
  • Build leadership capability through impactful programs and experiences, and develop roadmaps for ongoing and systemic development
  • Use insights to inform implications for succession, performance management, careers, mobility, and rewards initiatives
  • Measure success by leveraging evidence-based analytics that inform future business strategy