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diversity, inclusive cultures, and equitable workspaces.
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Diversity and Inclusion is a Business Strategy,

not just an HR Program or simply the right thing to do!

Who We Are

NeoSeven Solutions is a woman- and minority-owned premium HR & Business consulting firm with a track record of helping Fortune 500s and emerging companies drive actionable results.

We are a highly networked group of 100+ professionals spread across geographies with C-level experience. Our team comprises alums from Oxford, Harvard, Wharton, Rutgers, INSEAD, IIT, IIM, TISS, XLRI, and the likes.

Our global footprint spreads over 45+ countries across North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and APAC regions.

Our high-caliber team is at the forefront of latest thinking and practices and uses proprietary IP, exclusive academic research and insights, as well as monitors future trends and employs proven methodologies.

What We Do


NeoSeven combines a wealth of experience across Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Leadership Development, Cultural Transformation, Talent Management, and HR Capabilities.


We have an extensive roster of dynamic experts, trainers, and facilitators from across the globe adept at delivering region-specific interventions and workshops in English and 30+ other languages.


From building DEI acumen and developing cultural competence to leading virtual/hybrid teams and tackling impostor syndrome, our one-on-one and group coaching enable self-awareness, reflection and call to action.

How We Do It

You are interesting to us, and we are curious about your intention, not only your behavior. We listen deeply and appreciatively with the intent to understand and to know you, your team and organization. We don’t believe in off the shelf solutions, we thrive on customizing solutions to meet your needs.

Our approach is based around you and your specific needs. Our corporate experience grounds us in the realities of the business world and our academic rigor gives you access to the latest thinking. And yet these are simply enablers as we turn our attention to you and the opportunity to create the space for you to achieve true breakthroughs in both behaviors and performance. It is a partnership.

We Have…

Worked with 100+ companies spanning diverse industries and locations

Supported $50B+ MNCs as well as many high-growth SMBs

Driven projects across world headquarters, regional, and country levels



We have an extensive roster of dynamic experts, trainers, and facilitators from across the globe who are adept at delivering region-specific interventions and workshops in English and 30+ other languages.


US, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and more


Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France, UK, UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and more


Australia, China, India, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam, and more

Associate Clients

“Be Authentic, Be Yourself!”

Monika Navandar | Founder & MD, NeoSeven Solutions


We were lucky to find NeoSeven because they offered what we needed: DEIB facilitation offered in multiple languages, time zones, and with cultural and legal nuances.

— Global L&D Leader – Top FMCG

NeoSeven has been instrumental in guiding our journey to launching an ERG, and thanks to their partnership, we now have a greater understanding of how to make our ERG grow and thrive. NeoSeven also delivered a fantastic workshop for us on cross-cultural virtual team collaboration. The facilitators made this nuanced topic easy to understand with refined, actionable content and interactive exercises that brought learning to life.

— Senior Finance Leader, Top FMCG

Apart from Monika being the external member on our I&D Council, NeoSeven has also anchored inclusive hiring workshops and events for us. Their breadth and depth of knowledge in DEI and thus the deep insights in the domain has helped us enrich and accelerate our actions towards creating a more inclusive and diverse organization. The team is quite flexible and takes conscious efforts to cater to the specific needs of the client which makes it a great experience to work with them.

— Marico, a Leading Consumer Goods Company

NeoSeven and Monika have been a tremendous help with facilitating our global Inclusion training. They were very skillful at helping us navigate our complex DEI training needs. The team was flexible and able to adjust to the localized needs of all our sectors. I would use NeoSeven again in a heartbeat.

— Global DEI Leader, PepsiCo

I would strongly recommend to make this course mandatory, starting from the top management.

— Participant Review, Royal DSM

Monika is a warm, thoughtful, inviting and collegial facilitator. I believe our group bond is meaningful because of her facilitation style.

— Coachee, Executive Group Coaching

The design and delivery for the team was inspiring. You have a new way of looking at global teams and helped the team to think in next steps.

— Manager (L&D), Tetra Pak

The delivery of the sessions by NeoSeven’s facilitators was great and we received good feedback from our people.

— HRBP, Feedzai

Monika is a results-driven executive who sees the bigger picture and is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and dive into the details. She has deep expertise in D&I and is highly analytical, turning complex data into actionable insights.

— Former Chief People Officer, TeleSign

Monika is the best facilitator I have ever had in a group setting like this.

— Coachee, C-Suite Group Coaching

NeoSeven Solutions was able to tailor the perfect solutions for our objectives. Their team worked with us to build an internal DEI strategy for our organization, and the knowledge and tools they brought were invaluable. Some aspects I appreciated the most in working with them were their effectiveness, flexibility, and quality delivery.

DEI Lead, Oxford HR