We are a network of highly experienced and passionate professionals who want to help you with your most wicked problems and be a part of your growth journey.

NeoSeven has associations with global business consulting firms based in India, UK, USA, Netherlands, Dubai and South Africa.

We are a group of 50 professionals spread across geographies with C-level experience and a track record of transformational changes in their organizations.

Our network allows you to benefit from decades of corporate experience and a range of specialist skills and capabilities that can be tailored to your needs.

NeoSeven combines a wealth of experience across Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership Development, Cultural Transformations, Talent Management & HR Capabilities. Our passion is to help organizations solve complex challenges relating to people and growth.

We believe Diversity & Inclusion creates a competitive edge, Diversity drives innovation and Inclusion enables innovation.

We encourage companies to break down silos and leverage diverse talent, we enable organizations to move faster, unleash growth, and transform their culture.


You are interesting to us, and we are curious about your intention, not only your behavior.  We listen deeply and appreciatively with the intent to understand and to know you, your team and organization. We don’t believe in off the shelf solutions, we thrive on customizing solutions to meet your needs.

Our approach is based around you and your specific needs. Our corporate experience grounds us in the realities of the business world and our academic rigor gives you access to the latest thinking. And yet these are simply enablers as we turn our attention to you and the opportunity to create the space for you to achieve true breakthroughs in both behaviors and performance. It is a partnership.

"Be Authentic, Be Yourself !"

Monika Navandar | Founder & MD, NeoSeven Solutions