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Develop Clarity. Shift Mindsets. Build Capabilities.

With solid perspectives and proven techniques, our one-on-one and group coaching helps leaders, teams, and individuals uncover blind spots, and build skills, mindsets & abilities they need to spark, boost, and sustain growth from the inside out.

  • Shore up leadership skills
  • Accelerate through the learning curve of role transitions
  • Enhance global team collaboration
  • Build DEI acumen
  • Tackle key developmental areas like relationship building, expanding influence and impact, and more

Meet Your Coach

Monika Navandar is a certified coach with 17+ years of multi-industry HR experience in both emerging and developed markets. She has led various HR leadership roles in India, the US, Italy, Singapore, Dubai, and South Africa, supporting global C-suite leaders.

She is a global consultant, practitioner, and thought leader in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Talent Management, and Culture Competence areas.

She has been a part of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council since 2016, and some of her projects have been presented at the White House. Monika is a recognized speaker, writes for reputed publications, and has contributed to bestselling books, including Cultural Agility, Diversity Beyond Tokenism, among others.

Why Coach With Monika

Monika has coached a myriad of C-suite/ senior executives from companies like Loreal, Victoria’s Secret, PwC, Macquarie, Horizon Media, Marriott Vacations Worldwide, Genzeon, EFG Companies, The Rockefeller University Hospital, and many more.

With hands-on leadership experience and a solid HR and business background spanning
industries and geographies, Monika brings a rare blend of skills, perspectives, and techniques, making her coaching style relatable, practical, and grounded in business.

Her unique breadth of multi-country, multi-cultural corporate and entrepreneurial experiences, along with a global clientele, enable her to be culturally aware and sensitive in meeting the customized needs of coachees.

Monika has spoken in front of large and small audiences regionally and internationally. She has keynoted for some of the largest conferences (Hacking HR, SHRM Annual Conference), delivered workshops for prestigious institutions (Princeton, Rutgers), and consulted for global clients (PepsiCo, Generali, J&J, Tetra Pak, Dow Jones, and more).

Monika’s deep expertise in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion gives her a unique edge in creating a safe, non-judgmental space to engage coachees in self-reflection and call to action, as well as challenge them in a non-confrontational way.

Her industry experience ranges from Pharma and Healthcare to Banking and Insurance, FMCG and Retail, IT and Digital, Automotive Manufacturing, and Media & Entertainment.

Enhancing Executive Presence and Influence

Building High-Performing Teams (Multicultural/ Virtual/Hybrid)

Driving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Cultivating Relationship Capital

Accelerating the Growth of High-Potentials/ Successors

Inclusive Leadership

Role Transitions and Career Growth

Developing Cultural Competence

Health and Wellbeing


Monika is a warm, thoughtful, inviting and collegial facilitator. I believe our group bond is meaningful because of her facilitation style.

— Coachee, Executive Group Coaching

Monika is the best facilitator I have ever had in a group setting like this.

— Coachee, C-Suite Group Coaching

Monika brings her expertise, optimism and upbeat personality with her every time. She encouraged the group to mingle and grow off of each other but was ever ready to steer the conversation to ensure that we benefited from our time together. I highly recommend Monika for this and future engagements.


I am so grateful to have had Monika as my mentor and facilitator. She has an amazing ability to create a safe and inclusive space for everyone to share their thoughts and experiences. I cannot recommend Monika enough. She is a true leader, and her dedication to helping women succeed is truly inspiring.

— SVP, Operations & Transformation, Genzeon

Monika is so fantastic at helping the conversation flow. She keeps me energized after a full day of work.

— Coachee, Senior Leader

The design and delivery for the team was inspiring. You have a new way of looking at global teams and helped the team to think in next steps.

— Manager (L&D), Tetra Pak

I met Monika after attending her session at the Global Inclusion Online Forum. Thereafter, we embarked on a coaching journey until now. For me, a connection was important and from the introductory session I was pretty sure. I appreciate Monika’s patience, understanding and cultural sensitivity. She is incredibly knowledgeable, adaptable and globally minded. I would highly recommend her as a coach anytime!

— DEI Lead, Oxford HR

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