I was interviewed by Community Business for my perspectives on the topic of race and culture and its relevance to the Asian context, specifically the Indian context. Based on my interview as one of the recognized thought leaders on topics related to race and culture in Asia, a research report was published by Community Business

In this article for the Economic Times HR World, I share the biggest challenges of Captives especially BPOs, GICs and GCCs, primarily around Talent and Organizational Culture and what they should do to turn their Cost Centre in to an Enterprise Asset! https://hr.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/hrtech/organization-development/how-to-turn-your-cost-centre-into-an-enterprise-asset/83532110

It was an honour to do the Cover Story for the Work from Home Special Edition of the Business Manager HR Magazine. Read on to learn what organizations can do to manage employees’ anxiety, motivation, engagement and wellbeing in a remote set-up! https://www.businessmanager.in/leaders-need-to-define-basic-ground-rules.php    

It was an honour to do the Cover Story for the Diversity & Inclusion Edition of the Human Capital Magazine. Whether you are a beginner or a practitioner, an individual or an organization looking for what to do next, this article provides you valuable insights and tips. I leveraged my D&I experience with some of

This article was first published by Theresa Sigillito Hollema in Rise Beyond Consulting. Sometimes looking from a different angle makes the difference. For years I have pondered the key ingredients to make an offshoring structure in a company a success.  By offshoring I mean the centralization of a function in one location (ie., Shared Service

This article was first published in the Human Capital print magazine. Here is my take and some tips to enhance one’s Executive Presence. What works best for you under high-pressure situations, specially when you want to establish your credibility and positively influence others? https://humancapitalonline.com/leadership/details/798/executive-presence-the-wow-factor-for-leaders