Recently NeoSeven organized a Senior Leadership Round-table for the soft launch of The Human Insights Corporation (THIC) in Mumbai, India. The event was primarily for the CEOs, MDs and HR Heads of MNCs. I had been into organizing and hosting shows during my school and college days but had never done something like this at a corporate or top management level. I underestimated of how labour intensive and challenging it is to gather the C-suite leaders. With a strong belief in our products and in our strong team of globally renowned senior leaders, I kept on trying newer ways until the Day! There was a time in the initial days where I thought of discarding the idea of the event but a little support from my team and our passion to change the mindset and capabilities of HR fraternity as a support function to driving the business’ bottom line, kept me going.

This gathering was to share our innovative concept, Talent Value Management (TVM) in India. We have successfully implemented TVM in growing organizations in South Africa and Middle East and we were all excited to see the response in the Indian Market.

Cut 2, our launch event was houseful, we were so happy to have such a diverse group of people from various industries and sectors. Just to name a few, we had C-suite leaders from Pharma, Manufacturing, NGOs, e-Commerce, Insurance, Social Media, Telecom, IT, Banking & Financial, Artificial Intelligence & Analytics, Consulting organizations, Hospitality and the list goes on. We received very positive feedback from everyone who came to our gathering, they enjoyed the panel discussions, our innovative concepts, thoughts & philosophy.

Steve Harrison, Partner, THIC says “The round table exceeded my expectations in terms of the quality of the discussion around some of the key topics facing the HR profession. I was impressed by the energy in the room. It was fascinating to learn so much about the hot topics facing Indian business leaders”. Andre Pandy, Founder & Managing Director, THIC says “The launch of THIC in India by a very enthused and capable Monika Navandar was one of those moments in one’s career where from the time you arrived at the airport to the time that you were actively engaging the delegates can best be described as …. humbling, exciting, daunting, riveting and hugely educational …”. Imagine my happiness, I felt all my hard work finally paid off.

Steve presented on Commercial Astuteness, he says, “Financial acumen can be taught but commercial astuteness comes with experience. You need to be curious and you need to ask the right questions. The HR function is, along with Finance, one of the few functions that can operate across the entire value chain. From this vantage point, commercially astute HR leaders can provide insights that drive business growth. HR needs to earn its seat at the table. After years of “HR transformation”, functional excellence is simply not enough. For many CEOs commercial astuteness is often the missing ingredient.”

Andre’s says “CEOs, CHROs and Chief Talent Officers need to redirect their Talent Management strategies away from its mundane talent administrative processes, to a philosophy and deliberate actions which ensures a better mapping of the Business Outcomes to the Talent Agenda. This process is called Business/Talent Value Mapping and is a cornerstone of TVM”.

My learnings from this event are dream higher, don’t give up, be patient, don’t underestimate yourself, only when you get out of your comfort zone and stretch, you will grow in a way that you will never be the same!

A big thank you to all the Panellists and Delegates!